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Killing Bacteria Not Enough to Restore Full Immunity

BioMS Medical's lead drug, dirucotide (MBP8298) for the treatment ...
Stockhouse - Vancouver,BC,Canada
Dirucotide (MBP8298) is currently being evaluated in a US pivotal phase III trial, named MAESTRO-03, at 68 sites with approximately 510 patients. ...

Top-Line Data from Opexa's Phase IIb Tovaxin(R) Study to be ...

MarketWatch - USA
... measure of MS treatment effectiveness) for Relapsing-Remitting MS (RRMS) and Secondary-Progressive MS (SPMS) patients comparable to, or greater than, ...

Tories 'would only pay drug companies if treatments work' - United Kingdom
It has blocked treatments for kidney diseases, Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis and arthritis. Many Britons lost their sight after NICE took two-years to ...

Neural Cells Derived From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
Hadassah University Hospital and Hadasit, the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Organization, announced that scientists at Hadassah University Hospital have discovered a new application for human embryonic stem cells.

DNA origami based nanomachine for future microsurgery and neuro ...
Next Big Future - San Ramon,CA,USA
... targeted to attach cells like neurons, and deliver an electrical impulse to stimulate a damaged region from diseases such as multiple sclerosis.s.

Sugar's Healing Powers
MarketWatch - USA
>From the Microbiology Infectious Diseases Journal, Vol. 7, 1998, p. 524-25: "Sugar is thought to exert an antibacterial effect by lowering water activity; ...

SPOTLIGHT ON... Could your doctor be laughing at you?

Have you ever wondered if your doctor has secretly laughed at you? Well, according to a survey of 110 medical interns, 17 percent have made fun of a patient while they were knocked out. At least most of those surveyed realized that doing so was wrong. Article,11wlu,osy,lxn6,kuaz,5ewk,1y5l



Dr. Marrie

Assistant Professor of Medicine and Community Health Sciences at the University of Manitoba
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Q :

I have just been diagnosed with MS and had a discussion with my doctor concerning the preferred medication, either Copaxone or interferon. Other than dosage, what is the difference? I was surprised to hear that with Copaxone there is a possibility of regenerating neurons! Is this true?

A :

Several differences exist between glatiramer acetate (Copaxone) and the interferon-betas (Avonex, Betaseron, Rebif). These include frequency of administration, route of administration, onset of action, and mechanisms of action. Copaxone is taken daily. Avonex is taken once weekly. Betaseron is taken every other day, and Rebif is taken three times weekly. Copaxone is taken subcutaneously (under the skin, like insulin) as are Betaseron and Rebif. Avonex is given into muscle. The onset of action of Copaxone is later than for the interferon-betas. Recent research has suggested that Copaxone may have neuroprotective effects, but further research is needed.
9/11/2008 9:27:07 PM

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DG Alert: The FDA is working with the manufacturer to amend the label for Tysabri (natalizumab) based on 2 new cases of PML in European patients with multiple sclerosis receiving Tysabri monotherapy for more than 1 year.

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Killing Bacteria Not Enough to Restore Full Immunity
DALLAS -- Even though the bacteria causing an infection have been killed off, the immune system may not be recovered fully to withstand a second attack, researchers here said. full story

FDA: Genentech's Rituxan may be linked to brain disorder death - Charlotte,NC,USA
Both Rituzxn and multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri -- which reportedly also triggered the brain disorder in rare cases -- are built on antibodies that ...

FDA warns of PML risk for Rituxan
MarketWatch - USA
Both Rituxan and Tysabri are based on antibodies that manipulate the immune system. The FDA said that the Rituxan PML patient developed PML about 18 months ...

Yale Scientists May Have Found Brain's Center For Self-Control
Intelligence offers some protection against succumbing to immediate gratification, but psychologists have been unsure why. Yale University researchers report that they may have found the first clue to the mystery in an area of the brain that governs abstract problem solving and goal management.


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