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Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Brain Shrinkage, Neurological Disorders

Neural Cells Derived From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Reduce Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms
Medical News Today Wed, 10 Sep 2008 5:15 AM PDT
Hadassah University Hospital and Hadasit, the technology transfer company of Hadassah Medical Organization, announced that scientists at Hadassah University Hospital have discovered a new application for human embryonic stem cells.

Multiple sclerosis support group revitalized - Roseburg,OR,USA
In March 2003, Francis was diagnosed with primary-progressive multiple sclerosis, which means that his symptoms and condition continually get more severe. ...
Total Recall - MIT Researchers: Human Memory Capacity Much Bigger Than Previously Thought
In recent years, demonstrations of memory's failures have convinced many scientists that human memory does not store the details of our experiences. However, a new study from MIT cognitive neuroscientists may overturn this widespread belief: They have shown that given the right setting, the human brain can record an amazing amount of information.
How Memories Are Made, And Recalled
What makes a memory? Single cells in the brain, for one thing. For the first time, scientists at UCLA and the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel have recorded individual brain cells in the act of calling up a memory, thus revealing where in the brain a specific memory is stored, and how it is able to recreate it.
Cannabis extract or skin cancer?
PR CannaZine (press release) - South Wales,UK
Clearly this could be a valid theory as it has also been announced today that another Multiple Sclerosis drug, Tysabri, has been placed under FDA ...

Tysabri Trial for Multiple Myeloma Gets Under Way
FDA news (subscription) - Falls Church,VA,USA
Elan and Biogen Idec have started a Phase I/II clinical trial of their multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri to treat multiple myeloma, a plasma cancer. ...

Male Ejaculation - Bastia,Corse,France
It is commonly found in men who have multiple sclerosis, diabetes, or after some types of prostate surgery. Before you get worried, it can also occur ...,2577,315764,00.html

Alnylam Adds Another RNA Approach, Vertex Tackles Hardest Hep C ...
Xconomy - Cambridge,MA,USA
... (LON:ASM) and learned about the British biotech company’s strategy in buying Cambridge, MA, drug developer Xanthus Pharmaceuticals this past spring. ...

Brain Injury Patients Cope by Using More of Their Brains CME
TORONTO -- Patients who recover fully from brain trauma may have to use more of their brains than they did before the injury to perform the same mental tasks, researchers found. full story

Symptoms and Management

Ms. Spring
MS Nurse Clinician at the Fraser Health MS Clinic in Burnaby, BC
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Q :
Besides exercise and rest, is their anything to alleviate numbness and discomfort of the legs and feet?
A :
“Numbness” by itself is sometimes regarded as a more manageable symptom of MS for some patients and is generally not an indication that the disease is worsening, nor is it related to the degree of disability that a person has or will develop. If the numbness is related to an active “relapse” that is producing these symptoms, steroids may be considered to speed up the recovery time from the relapse to provide relief from the symptoms sooner.
The is currently no medical treatment for “numbness” when it is present as an isolated symptom (i.e. not related to a relapse), however numbness is very often reported in conjunction with other symptoms including temperature sensitivity, various descriptions or types of pain, tingling or allodynia (which is when pain is induced in situations that should otherwise not produce pain, such as when simply touching the skin with clothing can cause discomfort). If any of these other symptoms are present with numbness, then assessment is made to determine the best treatment which may include medication to treat the pain or tingling sensations which in turn can provide some comfort from the overall discomfort that the numbness is causing.
9/11/2008 2:39:43 AM
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CNN’s Toobin: Palin ‘Very Extreme’ on Embryonic Stem Cell Research
NewsBusters - USA
... families who have multiple sclerosis, who have Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, all these decisions where stem cell research is promising. ...

Neural Cells Derived From Human Embryonic Stem Cells Reduce ...
Medical News Today (press release) - UK
Multiple sclerosis, the most common cause of neurological disabilities in young adults, is caused by an inflammatory reaction of the patient's own immune ...

Pluristem Successfully Concludes Final Pre-Clinical Safety Studies ...
MarketWatch - USA
The Company's products in development also include PLX-IBD, targeting Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD); PLX-MS, targeting Multiple Sclerosis; PLX-BMT,

Vitamin B12 Linked to Brain Shrinkage
HealthNews - Carslbad,CA,USA
However, those with the lowest levels of B12 were more than six times as likely to experience brain shrinkage, compared to those with the highest B12 levels ...

Vitamin B-12 may help lessen dreaded brain shrinkage
Philadelphia Inquirer - Philadelphia,PA,USA
But a new study shows that getting plenty of vitamin B-12 may minimize brain shrinkage. British researchers measured the brain volume in 107 people between ...

Vitamin B-12 may help you live longer
WNDU-TV - South Bend,IN,USA
They found those who had the highest amount of vitamin B-12 in their blood were six times less likely to have brain shrinkage.

Vitamin B12 Deficiency Causes Brain Shrinkage, Neurological Disorders
Natural - Phoenix,AZ,USA
Subscribe now to receive a summary of each day's most important natural health stories, plus get full, free access to the entire archives of books on ...

Take vitamin B12 to counter memory loss.
ITvoir - New Delhi,Delhi,India
B12 in their body are likely to suffer from brain shrinkage, research has proved this. ITVoir brings to you highly comphrensive database of computer vendors ...

Vitamin B-12 may prevent memory loss
SmartBrief - Washington,DC,USA
Older people with lower-than-average levels of vitamin B-12 are more likely to experience brain shrinkage, which is linked to memory loss and dementia. ...
Type 1 Diabetes In Adults Better Controlled With Continuous Monitors
A study by a diabetes research foundation discovered that adults with type 1 diabetes were better at controlling their glucose levels when instead of the traditional method of pricking a finger a few times a day, they used continuous monitors that sampled blood every five minutes through a small tube under the skin and alerted them so they could adjust their eating or take insulin more promptly.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring Improves Blood Sugar Control For People With Type 1 Diabetes
Patients with type 1 diabetes who used continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) devices to help manage their disease experienced significant improvements in blood sugar control, according to initial results of a major multicenter clinical trial funded by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation.

Brush Your Teeth To Reduce The Risk Of Heart Disease
Heart disease is the leading cause of death worldwide. However, many people with cardiovascular disease have none of the common risk factors such as smoking, obesity and high cholesterol. Now, researchers have discovered a new link between gum disease and heart disease that may help find ways to save lives, scientists heard (Tuesday 9 September 2008) at the Society for General Microbiology's Autumn meeting being held this week at Trinity College, Dublin.

Study: Biotech patent system broken

By Maureen Martino
Researchers at Canada's McGill University studied patent systems from around the world and have found that, regardless of the country, the world's patent system is in serious trouble. "We found the same stumbling blocks in the traditional communities of Brazil as we did in the boardroom of a corporation." said Richard Gold, chair of the International Expert Group that produced the report. "Most striking is that no matter where we looked, the lack of trust played a vital role in blocking negotiations that could have benefited both sides, as well as the larger public." The study authors call the biotech patent system "outdated," and contrast it with the far more successful IT patenting system.
The problems, they say, is that fixation on patents and privately-controlled research has hampered innovation. Those that hold the the most patents are the least likely to collaborate, and the current system breeds mistrust among companies and researchers. "We need an IP system that will support collaborations...This means the laws may have to be changed, but more importantly, it means that we have a lot of work to do to change behaviors and build trust among all the players," observed Gold.
The study, which can be viewed here, included recommendations for governments, industry leaders, researchers and universities.
- see the patent study release


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