Sunday, August 17, 2008

Scientists show how DNA repairs may reshape the genome

Mechanism that Controls the Development of Autoimmunity Found
What they discovered was that mice without furin in these cells developed systemic autoimmune disease. This means that the immune systems of the mice attacked their own cells and tissues throughout their bodies. ... Latest Headlines -

Nutra Pharma Announces Initial Positive Safety Data >From Clinical Study In Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN)
Nutra Pharma Corp. (OTCBB: NPHC), a biotechnology company that is developing drugs for HIV and Multiple Sclerosis, has announced that its wholly-owned drug discovery subsidiary, ReceptoPharm, has reported initial positive safety data from its Phase IIb/IIIa clinical study of RPI-78M for treating Adrenomyeloneuropathy (AMN).


FTY720 fingolimod Novartis

Extavia (interferon beta-1b) and FTY720 (fingolimod) Update ...
By the end of 2009, Novartis also plans to file for approval of the innovative oral therapy FTY720 (fingolimod). Results of an ongoing Phase II study ...


A Novel Strategy Against Chronic Viral Infections
MedIndia - Chennai,India
The researchers turned to an experimental drug called FTY720, which prevents white blood cells from leaving lymph nodes. FTY720, also known as fingolimod, ...
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Mystery shoppers: Hired spies monitor, rate store performances - Detroit,MI,USA
They both have multiple sclerosis and can't work full time anymore, so instead they visit five to 10 businesses each week, some as far as 250 miles away. ...
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ISEQ rises by 2.37pc as falling oil price reduces inflation worry
Irish Independent - Dublin,Ireland
... Idec reported two new cases of the rare but potentially fatal brain disorder PML had been confirmed in users of their multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri. ...
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Health Winners & Losers: Forest Labs - USA
... slam in July when it presented mixed data on its Alheimer's candidate and suffered confirmed reports of deadly brain infection PML in Tysabri patients. ...
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Icahn Increases Stake in Biogen, Signaling Battle Is Far From Over
Wall Street Journal Blogs - New York,NY,USA
By Keith J. Winstein Activist investor Carl Icahn boosted his stake in Biogen Idec Inc. to 6% from about 4.3%, taking advantage of a recent plunge in the ...
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Caregivers / Homecare News
Long-Term Care Workers Struggle With Elderly Population Boom
As America's aging population increases, so does its need for long-term care. And the workers who provide these services often lack the support they need - particularly in the area of pay and work relationships, according to 15 Aug 2008


CHAD Therapeutics Plans to Begin Trading on the OTC Bulletin Board
RedOrbit - Dallas,TX,USA
CHAD Therapeutics, Inc. (AMEX:CTU) announced today that it plans to withdraw its common stock from the American Stock Exchange effective on August 29, ...
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Scientists show how DNA repairs may reshape the genome
Science Centric - Sofia,Sofia Town,Bulgaria
Researchers at Duke University Medical Centre and at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) have shown how broken sections of ...
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Noble Financial Capital Markets MAD MAX Equity Conference ...
FOXBusiness - USA
Pipex is focused on treating Dry Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), multiple sclerosis (MS), Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and fibromyalgia. ...
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FDA Warns of Injection-Site Reactions with Naltrexone for Alcoholism 
ROCKVILLE, Md. -- Serious injection-site reactions, including abscesses that required surgical treatment up to debridement, have been reported in patients given naltrexone (Vivitrol) injections for alcoholism prevention. full story

Fantastic four roll across Canada for a miracle cure
Vision - Hawkesbury,ON,Canada
The focus of the odyssey is to publicize and promote cutting-edge research in spinal cord treatment at McMasters University under the direction of Dr. ...
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Vitamin D

Vitamin K May Reduce Progression of Insulin Resistance in Older Men
Medscape (subscription) - USA
Both groups received 600 mg of elemental calcium and 400 IU of vitamin D daily. 60% were women, mean age was 68 years, and 59% to 74% were overweight or ...
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How about some real-life competitions like the 3000-metre ...
The Gazette (Montreal) - Quebec,Canada
... of the stuff offered with pulp, without pulp, with partial pulp or with organic, pulp-enhanced supplement fortified with Vitamin D and Omega 3 fish oil. ...
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Science Briefing
Los Angeles Times - CA,USA
Adults with a vitamin D deficiency are more likely to die over a certain period than those with high levels, another indication of the nutrient's vital role ...
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Ask Muriel Your Pet Health Questions
KFRE 59 - Fresno,CA,USA
5) Is vitamin "D" required in the diet of both dogs and cats? Yes, vitamin "D" is added to commercial pet foods to avoid the skeletal abnormalities called ...
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Unalaskans need more of sunshine vitamin
Dutch Harbor Fisherman - Anchorage,AK,USA
Although the lack of powerful sun may be good for reducing our skin cancer risk, it is not good for our vitamin D levels. The body uses sunlight to make ...
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Cloud cover
NZ Herald Auckland Metro - Auckland,New Zealand
... with many respondents claiming their unprotected exposure provides them with a good source of vitamin D. Smith rubbishes that excuse, pointing out that ...
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Sufficient vitamin D reduces risk of premature death
Food Consumer - Lisle,IL,USA
15 ( -- People with low levels of vitamin D may be at higher risk of death from all causes, according to a new study published in the ...
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New mushroom study shows the power of energy density
EurekAlert (press release) - Washington,DC,USA
In addition, mushrooms 4 may be nature's hidden treasure for vitamin D, a nutrient many Americans do not get enough of for the required daily intake. ...
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Are Olympic Athletes at Greater Risk for Osteoarthritis?

As I have stressed in previous blogs and as I tell my patients every day, joints need movement and exercise to stay healthy. Without exercise, joints start to degenerate. Study after study indicates that exercise prevents osteoarthritis from occurring, and helps treat it if it has occurred. Exercise has other important benefits for the joints as well. Exercise, for example, strengthens the muscles around the joints, which allows those muscles to take the pressure off the


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