Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Investigators have reported finding traces of Epstein-Barr virus in postmortem brains examined from people with different forms of MS. They found the traces of EBV infection in immune cells (B cells and plasma cells) that had infiltrated the brain in 21 out of 22 brains from people with MS, but not in brains from people who had other neurological diseases that, like MS, involve inflammation. If these exciting findings are confirmed by other laboratories, they add to growing evidence of a link between EBV and MS. However, it is not possible through this study to determine whether EBV causes MS, or whether its presence is a consequence of MS.

High-Tech Study of MS Brain Specimens Uncovers Hundreds of Proteins That May Offer Clues to Future Treatment Approaches

Type: News | Release Date: 2/17/2008

Researchers at Stanford University, the University of Connecticut and other institutions report having uncovered hundreds of proteins that may be active at different stages of multiple sclerosis. They conducted high-tech analyses of different types and stages of MS brain lesions. To validate the approach, they narrowed in on two of the proteins and blocked their activity using existing drugs in mouse models of MS, and were able to improve symptoms.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) : National MS Society
Also, since many lesions seen on MRI may be in so-called "silent" areas of the brain, it is not always possible to make a specific correlation between what is seen on the MRI scan and the patient's clinical signs and symptoms.

Top 10 Sex Tips for Women with Multiple Sclerosis

It is estimated that about 75% of women with multiple sclerosis (MS) have some form of sexual dysfunction. What this means is that, for about a million possible reasons (including fatigue, loss of sensation, spasticity, loss of libido, etc.), sex is just not that fun.

I am going to give you 10 tips that may help you rediscover some of the fun of sex, despite some of the changes that MS might have caused in your body or mind.

Read the full article: Top 10 Sex Tips for Women with Multiple Sclerosis

Sector Snap: Biotechnology
MSN Money - USA
based company's other multiple sclerosis drug, Tysabri, appears to be gaining ground. In April, Biogen raised its full-year profit guidance, ...
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Delayed release
Boston Globe - United States
It was yanking Tysabri, its promising multiple sclerosis drug, off the market after it was linked to a potentially fatal brain disease. ...
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Ireland's Elan says expects to show profit by 2010
Reuters UK - UK
I: Quote, Profile, Research) said on Thursday it expected to show a profit by 2010 and to reach its patient target for its Tysabri drug by that year. ...
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Northeastern University Physicists Demonstrate Precise Manipulation Of DNA-Drug Interactions
Being able to target the genetic code to develop an effective treatment of a disease is the ultimate goal for many scientists. Focusing on how the DNA interacts with a potential drug is an important element of DNA therapy research.

Regenerative Activity In The Peripheral Nervous System Could Mean Regeneration For The Central Nervous System
Researchers at the Peninsula Medical School in the South West of England, University College London, the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan and Cancer Research UK, have for the first time identified a protein that is key to the regeneration of damage in the peripheral nervous system and which could with further research lead to understanding diseases of our peripheral nervous systems and provide clues to methods of repairing damage in the central nervous system, according to a paper published this week in the Journal of Cell Biology.

Los Angeles Times Examines Increased Number Of Physician Rating Web Sites
The Los Angeles Times on Monday examined the more than two dozen Web sites -- such as 21 May 2008

MS Society Calls On MPs To Support New Avenues Of Research, UK
The MS Society has called on MPs to throw their weight behind the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, which will be debated in the House of Commons. In a letter addressed to every Member of Parliament, the MS Society is among seven charities asking politicians to support the Bill, which if approved could open new avenues of research into conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).


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