Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Smoke exposure increases the risk for multiple sclerosis.

The pathogenesis of MS is complex and multiple factors seem to be involved. The authors found an association between smoking and MS suggesting that it is a risk factor. Further studies are needed to confirm these findings.

authors: Sundström P, Nyström L, Hallmans G.

source: Eur J Neurol. 2008 Jun;15(6):579-83.

Conference News & Views: Independently Reported Highlights From the AAN 60th Annual Meeting - Multiple Sclerosis
This interactive CME newsletter highlights key data in multiple sclerosis presented at the 2008 AAN Annual Meeting. Benjamin Greenberg, MD, MHS, Co-director, Johns Hopkins Transverse Myelitis Center, provides audio commentaries regarding implications to practice.
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Gelsolin concentration in cerebrospinal fluid from patients with multiple sclerosis and other neurological disorders.

This preliminary study shows that a protein called Gelsolin is reduced in the spinal fluid of people with MS. Further studies are needed to clarify whether this may be useful in the diagnosis of MS.

authors: Kulakowska A, Drozdowski W, Sadzynski A, Bucki R, Janmey PA.

source: Eur J Neurol. 2008 Jun;15(6):584-8.

Cortical pathology in multiple sclerosis

In recent years it has been shown that the grey matter, and not only the white matter, is affected in MS. This paper gives an overview of cortical pathology and its involvement in MS.

authors: Stadelmann C, Albert M, Wegner C, Brück W.

source: Curr Opin Neurol. 2008 Jun;21(3):229-34.

Autoimmune disease concomitance among inflammatory bowel disease patients in the United States, 2001-2002.

This study shows an increased risk of developing MS and other autoimmune diseases in people who have inflammatory bowel disease. Further longitudinal studies are needed to confirm these findings and investigate the nature of this relationship.

authors: Cohen R, Robinson D Jr, Paramore C, Fraeman K, Renahan K, Bala M.

source: Inflamm Bowel Dis. 2008 Jun;14(6):738-43.

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Exercise and Multiple Sclerosis
Can you still exercise if you have multiple sclerosis? Test your knowledge and find out how exercise can affect MS.

Biogen Idec Celebrates 30 Years of Transforming Discovery into Care
Centre Daily Times - Centre,PA,USA
... the world's most prescribed therapy for relapsing forms of MS; and TYSABRI(R) (natalizumab), co-marketed with Elan Pharmaceuticals, which reached ...
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EARNINGS WATCH Updates, advisories and surprises
MarketWatch - USA
Biogen also expects to have around 100000 patients using its newest multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri by 2010. The biotech group added it expects to have four ...
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Interspecies "Semolina" Crosses a New Line
mi2g - London,UK
In Bristol, clinical trials are also in progress using adult stem cells from bone marrow in attempts to alleviate multiple sclerosis. ...
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Turning Back The Clock For Schwann Cells
Myelin-making Schwann cells have an ability every aging Hollywood star would envy: they can become young again. According to a study appearing in the May 19 issue of the Journal of Cell Biology, David B.

Vaccine Triggers Immune Response, Prevents Alzheimer's
A vaccine created by University of Rochester Medical Center scientists prevents the development of Alzheimer's disease-like pathology in mice without causing inflammation or significant side effects.

Lupus May Be Caused By Abnormal 'Editing' Of Gene Messages
Researchers at Wake Forest University have uncovered evidence that the abnormal "editing" of gene messages in a type of white blood cell may be behind the development of lupus. Scientists hope the finding will lead to earlier diagnosis, a way to monitor patients' response to therapy and possibly a new way to treat the disease

Retraining Immune Cells To Kill Tumors
Immune cells called macrophages can destroy tumor cells by producing inflammatory proteins that are toxic to the tumor. But the environment inside the tumor somehow halts this production and instead causes the cells to make proteins that promote tumor growth.

Google Launches Web Based Personal Health Records
Internet giant Google officially launched its health portal yesterday, Monday, whereby any member of the public can keep his or her own private health record in a secure web-based account.Based at google.

Embryo Bill Decision Offers Hope To People With MS, UK
The MS Society welcomes the decision by MPs to allow scientists to use 'hybrid' human - animal embryos in research into conditions such as multiple sclerosis (MS).Jayne Spink, Director of Policy and Research at the MS Society, said: "This really is a victory for common sense.

Diagnosing and Treating Osteoporosis: An Evidence-Based Approach

Listen as the expert faculty discusses information for approaching and managing patients with low bone mass and osteoporosis. Also included in complimentary CME series is the newsletter "Practical Strategies for Managing Osteoporosis: an Evidence-Based Approach to Risk Assessment and Treatment."

Shingles May Run in the Family CME
HOUSTON -- Family history appears to be a risk factor for herpes zoster, suggesting a genetic basis for susceptibility to shingles, a case-control study showed. full story


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