Saturday, November 17, 2007

'Augie's Quest: One Man's Journey from Success to Significance'

'Augie's Quest: One Man's Journey from Success to Significance'
Wall Street Journal - USA
Augie's team of physicians had succeeded in eliminating all possibilities but two, multiple sclerosis and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis— MS and ALS. ...
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Manipal group sets up stem cell arm in Malaysia
Livemint - Delhi,Delhi,India
... who has steered the start-up to undertake India's first formal adult stem cell trials for treating myocardial infarction, multiple sclerosis, ...
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Is Cloning Monkeys Morally Wrong?
FOX News - USA
Cell replacement versus drugs. And for Parkinson's, for multiple sclerosis, for spinal cord injury, that's what we need. We need healthy cells to regrow ...
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Recovery From Spinal Cord Injury Enhanced By Brain Compensatory Mechanisms
A research team led by Tadashi Isa, a professor at the Japanese National Institute for Physiological Sciences, NIPS (SEIRIKEN), and Dr. Yukio Nishimura (University of Washington, Seattle), have found that brain compensatory mechanisms contribute to recovery from spinal cord injury.
16 Nov 2007

Research Shows The Brain's Processing Speed Is Significantly Faster Than Real Time
Scientists at The University of Arizona have added another piece of the puzzle of how the brain processes memory.Bruce McNaughton, a professor of psychology and physiology, and his colleague David Euston have shown that, during sleep, the reactivated memories of real-time experiences are processed within the brain at a higher rate of speed.
16 Nov 2007


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