Thursday, November 15, 2007

Biogen sale may hit snag: high price

Biogen sale may hit snag: high price
Boston Globe - United States
Biogen Idec recently predicted 100000 patients will be taking Tysabri by 2010, up from 17000 today. But some stock watchers are nervous about Tysabri, ...
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NeoStem, Inc. Acquires Stem Cell Technologies, Inc. from UTEK ...
Business Wire (press release) - San Francisco,CA,USA
Further potential uses include regenerative therapies for wound healing, autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis and lupus, and age-related ...
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OHSU claims stem cell breakthrough using monkeys
KATU - Portland,OR,USA
"These studies have great potential to accelerate progress in the field of regenerative medicine." The reason why Mitalipov's team was successful when so ...
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New Report Analyzes Key Controversies in Multiple Sclerosis Treatment
Earthtimes - London,UK
... Biogen), hormonal therapy (estriol; Pipex, testosterone; UCLA), anti-myelin-associated-glycoprotein MAb (GSK), Neurodex (dextromethorphan + quinidine; ...
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金融界 - China
The Company announced that the US pivotal phase III SPMS trial, MAESTRO-03, is on track for full enrollment in 2008, and completed enrollment of the first ...
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Pipex Pharmaceuticals to Host Webcast to Discuss Results of ... - USA
Completed a series of pre-NDA meetings with the FDA regarding the Company's lead drug candidate, COPREXA (oral tetrathiomolybdate) and announced that Pipex ...
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New Drug May Restore Memory With Alzheimer's Disease
A 2006 study by MetLife found that adults over age 55 fear Alzheimer's disease more than cancer, and with good reason. Alzheimer's creeps up on patients and their families, robbing more than half of all Americans over age 85 of their memory and ability to care for themselves.

TransWorldNews (press release) - Monroe,GA,USA
This procedure consists in an implant of amniotic membrane telomerase enhanced, rich in stem cells of embryonic type (but not of embryonic origin) performed ...
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New Jersey voters spurn stem cell research
Australasian Bioethics Information - Australia
In the UK, a 44-year-old woman suffering from multiple sclerosis, Debbie Purdy, wants the police to guarantee that it will not prosecute her husband for ...
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Mac increases spinal cord research
AM900 CHML - Hamilton,Ontario,Canada
HAMILTON (AM900 CHML) - With 50-thousand Canadians living with spinal cord injuries, new research is getting underway at McMaster University to help improve ...
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