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Garlic Touted As Major Preventative For Serious Diseases

Garlic Touted As Major Preventative For Serious DiseasesThursday October 18, 2007

Garlic. It's not such a great idea on a first date but it's good for you on so many other levels.

That's right. The pungent root goes a long way in fighting everything from cancer to cardiovascular disease.

Recent studies suggest that compounds in garlic cause tissues or blood vessels to release a chemical called hydrogen sulfide that keeps your blood flowing easily.

But, if you have too much of it the effects can be deadly.

Health Specialist Laura DiBattista will have more on this story on an upcoming CityNews at Six. Until, then here are some useful links on the benefits of garlic.

Health benefits and uses

Benefits of garlic in cancer

More useful facts

Culinary uses


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