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Mouse Genetics Impacts Human Health And Will Continue To Provide Dramatic Advances In Understanding Human Biology And Disease

Fluoride damages our brains: Foes


Toronto Sun - 8 Aug 2008
By JONATHAN JENKINS Fluoride lowers IQ and damages the brain, thyroid and bones and should be removed from the water supply, researchers and community activists said yesterday at a Queen's Park press conference.

Dental experts defend fluoride in water; activists claim link to ...

The Canadian Press
Experts disagree on fluoride in drinking water - Globe and Mail - CityNews - Welland Tribune
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Pathogen That Causes Disease In Cattle Also Associated With Crohn's Disease - Research Urgently Needed To Evaluate Potential Risks To Humans
People with Crohn's disease (CD) are seven-fold more likely to have in their gut tissues the bacterium that causes a digestive-tract disease in cattle called Johne's disease. The role this bacterium may or may not play in causing CD is a top research priority, according to a new report released by the American Academy of Microbiology

Cancer researchers in Calgary develop new way of studying cancer
The Canadian Press - 7 Aug 2008
CALGARY - Researchers in Calgary are using cells from a rare form of childhood cancer to develop a new research techniques in hopes of sparking improvements in how the disease is studied.

Cancer study offers hope for kids with rare tumour

U of C team makes key cancer find
Calgary Herald - Ontario Now - Metro Canada - Halifax - Reuters
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Researchers Find Cancer-Inhibiting Compound Under The Sea, University Of Florida
University of Florida College of Pharmacy researchers have discovered a marine compound off the coast of Key Largo that inhibits cancer cell growth in laboratory tests, a finding they hope will fuel the development of new drugs to better battle the disease.

Researchers Unveil Vital Key To Cancer
University of Manchester scientists have uncovered the 3D structure of Mps1 - a protein that regulates the number of chromosomes during cell division and thus has an essential role in the prevention of cancer - which will lead to the design of safer and more effective therapies.

Study Participants Help Find New Treatments
North American Press Syndicate - New York,NY,USA
... physicians and patients are collaborating on a global study called Bravo, which is exploring the effectiveness, safety and tolerability of laquinimod, ...
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Structural Biology Spin-Out Tackles Major Diseases
A spin out company from basic structural biology, Asterion Ltd., has led to new technology that provides a way of creating therapeutic proteins to tackle major diseases such as cancer, diabetes and infertility.

Mouse Genetics Impacts Human Health And Will Continue To Provide Dramatic Advances In Understanding Human Biology And Disease
"Big things come in small packages," the saying goes, and it couldn't be more true when discussing the mouse. This little creature has become a crucial part of human history through its contributions in understanding human genetics and disease.

Are Medical Doctors Who Do Research Becoming Extinct?
The road from disease research to disease cure isn't usually a smooth one. One role which bridges the laboratory and the clinic is that of the "clinician-scientist" - a doctor who understands disease both in the patient and in the Petri dish.

Local briefs for August 9
Gresham Outlook - Gresham,OR,USA
Providence Multiple Sclerosis Center is offering a free forum for patients who are taking or may think of taking Tysabri, a drug that was recently linked to ...
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Beijing dreams of clean Games
France24 - Paris,France
A Chinese doctor proposed a treatment based on stem cell, what we call ‘genetic doping’. I find it normal that new cases of doping are found before the ...
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Selling the promise of youth
Emirates Business 24/7 - Dubai,Dubai,United Arab Emirates
... treatments because of the far smaller size of their particles – and stem cell enhancers that promises to rebuild and renew cells to keep organs healthy, ...
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GTCbio Announces Its 4th Annual Neurodegenerative Diseases Drug Discovery Conference On October 9-10, 2008 In Philadelphia, PA
GTCbio just announced the scheduling of its 4th annual Neurodegenerative Diseases Drug Discovery Conference on October 9-10, 2008 in Philadelphia, PA. Neurodegenerative diseases continue to play an enormous role in the growing public health problem, disrupting the quality of life of millions of people and costing society billions of dollars annually.

Trigger For Brain Plasticity Identified - Signal Comes, Surprisingly, From Outside The Brain
Researchers have long sought a factor that can trigger the brain's ability to learn - and perhaps recapture the "sponge-like" quality of childhood. In the August 8 issue of the journal Cell, neuroscientists at Children's Hospital Boston report that they've identified such a factor, a protein called Otx 2.

Nature Publication Reports On Key Role Of Bile Acids In Glucose Metabolism And Insulin Signaling
Historically, bile acids have been recognized primarily as natural detergents that regulate the absorption of dietary lipids and cholesterol homeostasis. However, recent research advances provide evidence that bile acids have broader systemic endocrine functions, acting as important mediators of glucose metabolism and insulin signaling.

Depression News

Likely Cause Of Postpartum Blues And Depression Identified
Unique biochemical crosstalk that enables a fetus to get nutrition and oxygen from its mother's blood just may cause common postpartum blues, researchers say. That crosstalk allows the mother's blood to flow out of the uterine artery and get just a single cell layer away from the fetus' blood, says Dr. 08 Aug 2008

Research Helps Patients Find Antidepressants That Work
In spite of the range of medications now available, major depression remains a challenging disease to treat. Only about half of adult patients respond to the first antidepressant they try, with only one-third achieving remission, reports the August 2008 issue of the Harvard Mental Health Letter.

Fertility News

Australia's Total Fertility Rate Reaches 25-Year High
Australia's total fertility rate reached its highest point in 25 years in 2007, according to a report released Tuesday by the Productivity Commission, a government agency, 08 Aug 2008

Common And Well Established Infertility Treatments Are Unlikely To Improve Fertility
Long established medical interventions to help couples with infertility problems do not seem to improve fertility, according to a study published on bmj.

Putting MicroRNAs On The Stem Cell Map
Embryonic stem cells are always facing a choice-either to self-renew or begin morphing into another type of cell altogether. It's a tricky choice, governed by complex gene regulatory circuitry driven by a handful of key regulators known as "master transcription factors," proteins that switch gene expression on or off.

McMaster University Stem Cell Cancer Research Institute

Scientists uncover the key to controlling how stem cells develop - Evergreen,VA,USA
... a scientist in the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute, focused on producing early endoderm cells from human embryonic stem cells. ...
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Stem cell advances aid Mac research
Hamilton Spectator - Hamilton,ON,Canada
Mick Bhatia, scientific director of McMaster's Cancer and Stem Cell Biology Research Institute, hopes his lab may soon know whether the same principle can ...
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Scientists uncover the key to controlling how stem cells develop
By Ben-Official(Ben-Official)
Jon Draper, a scientist in the McMaster Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute, focused on producing early endoderm cells from human embryonic stem cells. The research is published in the August issue of Cell Stem Cell, a Cell Press ...

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Ben's Stem Cell News
Séguin and Rossant, along with their colleagues Dr. Jonathan Draper of the Stem Cell and Cancer Research Institute at McMaster University , and Dr. Andras ...

Health Insurance / Medical Insurance News

Massachusetts Faces $13.3B In Unfunded Retiree Health Care Costs, According To Report
Massachusetts faces an estimated $13.3 billion in unfunded retiree health care costs over the next three decades, according to a report by a commission studying the issue, the 08 Aug 2008

Large Wisconsin Businesses See Reduced Health Care Costs Under New Program
Health care costs for 18 large employers in southeastern Wisconsin's Business Health Care Group have declined by 9% over the past two years under a plan developed for the group, according to an analysis, the 08 Aug 2008

BCBS Illinois To End Reimbursements To Hospitals For Treatment Related To Serious Medical Errors
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois recently announced plans to end reimbursements to hospitals for treatment that results from serious medical errors, the 08 Aug 2008

Health Insurance Premiums Have More Than Doubled Since 1996, USA
Private-sector employers and their employees have seen their health insurance premium costs go up by more than 100 percent since 1996, according to the latest News and Numbers from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.


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