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I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 I would now like to buy a life insurance policy. I was rejected by my group life insurance (SSQ) a few months ago.

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Q :
I was diagnosed with MS in 2003 following a second optic neuritis attack, the first being in 2001. Since then, nothing. I would now like to buy a life insurance policy. I was rejected by my group life insurance (SSQ) a few months ago. What are my other life insurance options? Could special clauses or extra premiums be added? Do you know of an insurance company that is more willing to accept someone who has MS? Is there something other than insurance for someone who is not insurable such as with Unity Life of Canada (it is the only option that my insurer recommended)?

A :
Optional Group Life under an Employee Benefit program is usually underwritten on an “accept or decline” basis so anyone with any significant health issue is usually declined outright.

If you were to apply for an individual policy, the insurer would look at your specific situation and obtain medical reports from your attending physicians to determine whether they could make you an offer of coverage. Individuals with mild and moderate MS might be considered with a premium rating or surcharge. Some severe cases might also be considered however, extreme cases would be declined.

Insurers will normally use the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) to determine the severity of the case. The EDSS scale is a neurological scale designed to ‘measure’ or describe levels of disability in MS. Itis generally used by MS neurologists in MS Clinic settings. Please note that this is just a tool for them to quantify your particular situation and any underwriting decision will be based on your complete medical picture.

There are carriers who will offer coverage with “no medical required” however, they tend to offer low amounts of coverage at high premiums – you’re better off trying regular underwriters first and use these carriers as a last resort. Your local Life Insurance Broker should be able to assist you.

Since you are currently covered under a group contract, you should be aware of the following:

a) Your Group Life insurance will cease on the day you terminate employment unless you have qualified for the Waiver of Premium benefit. You are, however, allowed to convert your coverage to an individual Life policy with the group carrier at standard rates. This must be done within 30 days of your termination!

b) If your Health and Dental benefits are not continuing on, there are several carriers who will provide this coverage on a “no questions asked” basis however this must be applied for within 60 days of losing benefits.
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ZxAfter FDA rejection of Coprexa, future of Ann Arbor's Pipex ...
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... drug candidates - oral Zinthionein, which would treat dry age-related macular degeneration, and Trimesta, which would treat multiple sclerosis in women. ...
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Avigen said it expects to announce the results of its Phase IIb trial for AV650 in patients with spasticity associated with multiple sclerosis in the fourth ...
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During surgery, Ravindra said Armstrong received an injection of Campath, a drug that allows doctors to avoid using steroids to prevent rejection, ...
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... for Tovaxin of annual treatments tailored to each patient's clinical disease state," commented Dr. Jim Williams, Opexa's Chief Operating Officer. ...
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PLC reported growing sales and narrowing losses in second-quarter results Thursday, citing momentum for its multiple sclerosis-fighting drug, Tysabri. ...
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Dublin-based Elan, which divides sales of Tysabri with Biogen, got $133.7 million of the $200 million in sales the drug generated in the quarter. ...
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Father of medical genetics dies

By Bob Grant and Edyta Zielinska

Victor McKusick dies

Medical genetics pioneer earned a Lasker Award and National Medal of Science

By Bob Grant and Edyta Zielinska

Dr. Victor A. McKusick


Amy Davis / Baltimore Sun

RESEARCHER: Dr. Victor A. McKusick was a pioneer in linking diseases to specific genes and began the first database of gene functions, which now includes more than 18,000 human genes. He also established the medical genetics department at Johns Hopkins University in 1957, one of the first in the U.S.


Victor A. McKusick, 86; Johns Hopkins physician pioneered genetics research

By Thomas H. Maugh II

The doctor linked diseases to specific genes, established one of the nation's first departments of medical genetics and was one of the first to propose sequencing the human genome. He was 86. >>

Articles about the ways of losing weight: The Weight Loss Chewing Gum will stop the epidemic of obesity in Europe and USA

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Weight Loss Chewing Gum will stop the epidemic of obesity in Europe and USA

Scientists from the Great Britain are working on the new method of approach to the therapy of obesity: the Weight Loss Gum.

The new type of medicine, which will be available as a chewing gum or injection will lower your appetite and stimulate the feeling of satiety, which comes after filling up the stomach with food.

The drug will be based on the natural gastrointestinal tract hormone, which is produced by your stomach as a reply to the food consumption, and provides the feeling of satiety.

Preliminarily, the drug will be sold as an injection, however, it is planned to produce it as a chewing gum or nasal spray in the near future.

The head of the research Steve Blume from the Imperial College says that creation of non-toxic drug with great number of side effects is not the goal of the research. Instead, they are trying to make a natural hormone analog, that could regulate the stomach behavior.

The specific local hormone from the neuro-immune system of the gastrointestinal tract became a real discovery and the key to success.

During the preliminary clinical examinations on volunteers the new drug showed reduction of appetite by 20%.

We all know that pharmacological medicine has side effects, however scientists believe that the new drug will not have unpleasant effects, because of its natural origin.

Posted by tosha_ukr at 5:00 AM

Labels: gastrointestinal tract, health, hormone, obesity, research, side effects, therapy, Weight Loss Chewing Gum


Ministry of Health: No gene therapy for athletes allowed in China
Xinhua - China
BEIJING, July 24 (Xinhua) -- China has never approved any hospital to offer performance-enhancing stem-cell therapy, a Ministry of Health official said here ...
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In the Spotlight

Antihistamines Causing MS-Related Fatigue?
As people with (MS), almost all of us suffer from fatigue. Many of us also have allergies from time to time, and antihistamines can make us much less miserable. You should know, however, that antihistamines can contribute to fatigue, even if they are used as nasal sprays or eye drops. Also, be aware that many of these can be purchased over-the-counter but still have side effects. They are commonly mixed in with other medications to provide multisymptom relief, such as cold and flu medications, and often available as "store brands," so look carefully at the list of active ingredients.

This doesn't mean that you can't use antihistamines if you suffer from MS-related fatigue. You should just be aware of this effect and choose the times and dosages of your antihistamines wisely.

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A. It's a complicated issue. There really aren't that many people with primary progressive multiple sclerosis (PPMS) - an estimated 40,000 in the US. However, there are certain characteristics of PPMS and the people that have it that make it very, very difficult to study in a clinical trial.

That doesn't mean that nothing is happening. And that doesn't mean that you shouldn't feel slighted if you have PPMS and wonder why most people seem to equate the term "multiple sclerosis" with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (RRMS).

Speak out on this issue, if you would like. Get angry. However, first learn some reasons why clinical trials in PPMS are so difficult (and rare) by reading the full article: Why Are There So Few Clinical Trials for People with PPMS?



Intestinal Parasites Protect Against MS Relapses
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Crohn's Disease

Scientists Define 21 New Genes Associated with Crohn's Disease
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Genetic Cause of Statin-Related Muscle Pain Found
Neuropathic Pain - NSL-043 Achieves Success In Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose Trial
NeuroDiscovery Ltd (ASX: NDL), a specialty neuroscience services provider and drug development company, is pleased to announce the successful completion of its Phase I multiple ascending dose clinical trial of NSL-043.


MIT Identifies Cells For Spinal-Cord Repair - Could Lead To Non-Surgical Treatment For Injuries
A researcher at MIT's Picower Institute for Learning and Memory has pinpointed stem cells within the spinal cord that, if persuaded to differentiate into more healing cells and fewer scarring cells following an injury, may lead to a new, non-surgical treatment for debilitating spinal-cord injuries.

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Scientists Figure Out How The Immune System And Brain Interact To Control Disease
In a major step in understanding how the nervous system and the immune system interact, scientists at The Feinstein Institute for Medical Research have identified a new anatomical path through which the brain and the spleen communicate.


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