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Stem Cell Vultures

Stem Cell Vultures
Glasgow Sunday Mail - UK
MULTIPLE sclerosis victim Janice Reed thought her prayers had been answered when she read about a pioneering cure that injected sufferers with stem cells. ...
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Ron Kuzyk, Post photographer
Burlington Post - Burlington,ON,Canada
The McMaster University-based team, led by Dr. Michel Rathbone and Dr. Shucui Jiang, regenerated nerves in the chronically-injured spinal cords of rats. ...
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Woman challenges law governing assisted suicide prosecutions - UK
Debbie Purdy lived life to the full before she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis - bumming around the world, jumping from planes, trekking through ...
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Project gives families of young diabetics hope
Sioux Falls Argus Leader - Sioux Falls,SD,USA
Sanford Chief Executive Kelby Krabbenhoft said they still have interest in the three other diseases - pediatric multiple sclerosis, lupus and human ...
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Carl Icahn says Biogen documents from failed sale process contain ...
Interactive Investor - London,England,UK
LONDON (Thomson Financial) - Leading Biogen Idec Inc. investor Carl Icahn said documents the company was forced to file to the Securities and Exchange ...
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Biogen, Icahn trade insults via the SEC
FiercePharma - Washington,DC,USA
... a potential buyer walked because it couldn't talk to the Irish drugmaker Elan, which partners with Biogen on the multiple sclerosis drug Tysabri. ...
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Elan offered to help Biogen bidder
Irish Independent - Dublin,Ireland
Corporate raider Carl Icahn has alleged that Elan agreed not to change its Tysabri drug development partnership with Biogen if the pharmaceutical company ...
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MS Answers


Dr. Lee

Assistant Professor of Medicine (Neurology)
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Q :
Are there any studies that show what happens to people who stop taking the disease modifying therapies and do not start up taking it again?
A :
There are no formal studies to examine this question accurately as patients often stop disease modifying therapies for different reasons. Some stop the drugs because they are getting worse (perceived little effect of the medication) whereas others would do so because of other reasons (such as side effects of medications) even when they are doing well. Both groups of patients will therefore lead a very different course of MS, once they stop the medication. The general consensus amongst neurologists would be that patients stopping medications will run the risk of letting the MS become more active, and will not be advised unless there is a clear indication to stop the drugs. Before making any changes to a plan of treatment, one should always consult one’s physician first.
6/9/2008 8:56:37 AM
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DISCLAIMER: Please be aware that this information does not necessarily represent the opinion of the MS Society of Canada, and is not intended as medical advice. For specific advice and opinion, always consult a physician.
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Progress Of Human Embryonic Stem Cell Research Impacted By Public Funding
Bolstered by supportive policies and public research dollars, the United Kingdom, Israel, China, Singapore and Australia are producing unusually large shares of human embryonic stem cell research, according to a report from the Georgia Institute of Technology in the June 2008 issue Cell Stem Cell.
Brain Stem Cells Can Be Awakened, Say Schepens Scientists
Scientists at Schepens Eye Research Institute have identified specific molecules in the brain that are responsible for awakening and putting to sleep brain stem cells, which, when activated, can transform into neurons (nerve cells) and repair damaged brain tissue.
Neurologically Impaired Mice Improve After Receiving Human Stem Cells
Scientists report a dramatic success in what may be the first documented rescue of a congenital brain disorder by transplantation of human neural stem cells. The research, published by Cell Press in the June issue of the journal Cell Stem Cell, may lead the way to new strategies for treating certain hereditary and perinatal neurological disorders.
Training Can Increase Fluid Intelligence, Once Thought To Be Fixed At Birth
Can human beings rev up their intelligence quotients, or are they stuck with IQs set by their genes at birth? Until recently, nature seemed to be the clear winner over nurture.But new research, led by Swiss postdoctoral fellows Susanne M.


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