Friday, May 09, 2008

Pioneering treatment for MS sufferer Ian

Pioneering treatment for MS sufferer Ian
Derbyshire Times - Chesterfield,England,UK
Ian Clulow (48) suffers from Multiple Sclerosis and can walk only a few yards, has sensory problems with his hands and gets double vision because of his MS. ...
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Doctor: Experiment That Went Wrong Leads to Multiple Sclerosis ...
Then blood-forming stem cells, called hematopoietic cells, taken from the bone marrow were transplanted back into the patients. ...
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Bone marrow treatments restore nerves
The Age - Melbourne,Victoria,Australia
An experiment that went wrong may provide a new way to treat multiple sclerosis, a Canadian researcher says. Patients who got bone marrow stem-cell ...
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DM neurologist studies promising pill for MS - Des Moines,IA,USA
Hughes is conducting research on a pill called Laquinimod, and is looking for a dozen Iowans with the relapsing-remitting form of multiple sclerosis to ...
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Middle-income prescription users getting stuck by "4th tier" policies
Denver Post - Denver,CO,USA
(Helen H. Richardson, The Denver Post) In January, Sandy and Jim Noon went to pick up the $30 medicine he injects weekly for multiple sclerosis — and the ...
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Carnations for mom help fight MS
Prince George Citizen - Prince George,British Columbia,Canada
Primary-progressive is less common, but worsens steadily from the onset. Secondary-progressive develops more progressively within 10 years of diagnosis. ...
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Genetic 'Tag Team' Keeps Cells On Cycle
By surveying the activity of thousands of genes at several different time points, researchers at the Duke Institute for Genome Sciences & Policy have uncovered new evidence that a network of influential genes act as a kind of genetic tag team to orchestrate one of the most fundamental aspects of all life: the cell cycle.

The Up Side Of Prions
Prions, the infamous agents behind mad cow disease and its human variation, Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease, also have a helpful side. According to new findings from Gerald Zamponi and colleagues, normally functioning prions prevent neurons from working themselves to death.
A Short Guide To The Human Genome, Book
How many genes are in the human genome? Which genes are commonly associated with genetic diseases? How many mobile elements, simple sequence repeats, or protein kinases are encoded by the genome? What are the largest genes and proteins? How similar are human proteins to those of mouse, yeast, or bacteria? A new handbook, A Short Guide to the Human Genome, answers these and other commonly asked questions.
St. Jude Finds 'Dancing' Hair Cells Are Key To Humans' Acute Hearing
St. Jude Children's Research Hospital investigators have found that an electrically powered amplification mechanism in the cochlea of the ear is critical to the acute hearing of humans and other mammals.
Connection Between Mental Fitness And Multi-Lingualism Discovered By Tel Aviv University
Children who speak a second or third language may have an unexpected advantage later in life, a new Tel Aviv University study has found. Knowing and speaking many languages may protect the brain against the effects of aging.
Wal-Mart Adds Prescription Women's Health Medications To Discount Drug Program
Wal-Mart Stores on Monday announced that it is adding several women's health-related medications to its discounted prescription drug program, the Wall Street Journal reports.

U.S. Manufacturers Spend Twice As Much As Foreign Competitors On Health Care, Report Finds
U.S. manufacturers that offer health insurance to employees spend an average of $2.38 per worker per hour on health care, substantially more than the amount spent by foreign competitors, according to a report released on Tuesday by the 08 May 2008

Some Operators Closing Retail Clinics, Scaling Back Expansion Plans
The "boom" of walk-in health clinics at pharmacies, supermarkets and retailers "is showing signs of slowing," the Wall Street Journal reports. As of May 1, there were 963 retail clinics in the U.

Senate Finance Committee Holds First In Series Of Congressional Hearings On U.S. Health System Overhaul
The Senate Finance Committee on Tuesday hold the first of at least eight congressional hearings focusing on strategies to reform the U.


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