Tuesday, July 11, 2006


We have just received word that the debate and vote on HR 810: The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act could happen as early as this week. Please take a few minutes today to take the following steps:

FIRST: Check the list below for the names of your Senators. If they are included, call or fax them a letter immediately and urge them to vote in favor of HR 810. Tell them the following:

HR 810: The Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act is extremely important to me, as a voter, and to over 100 million Americans who stand to benefit from stem cell research.

Please note: Two other bills (S 2754 and S 3504) are also being considered as part of a package with HR 810. Stem cell advocates
agree that these two other bills are irrelevant and that Senate votes for these bills do not equal support of stem cell research. It is only by voting YES on HR 810 that your Senators can prove that they are listening to their constituents, and to over 70% of Americans polled, showing true support for the advancement of stem cell
research in the United States.

State - Senator

AK - Lisa Murkowski

AK - Ted Stevens

AL - Jeff Sessions

AL - Richard C. Shelby

AR - Mark L. Pryor

AZ - Jon Kyl

AZ - John McCain

CO - Wayne Allard

CO - Ken Salazar

DE - Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

FL - Mel Martinez

FL - Bill Nelson

GA - Saxby Chambliss

GA - Johnny Isakson

IA - Chuck Grassley

ID - Larry E. Craig

ID - Mike Crapo

IN - Richard G. Lugar

KS - Sam Brownback

KS - Pat Roberts

KY - Jim Bunning

KY - Mitch McConnell

LA - David Vitter

MD - Paul S. Sarbanes

ME - Olympia J. Snowe

MI - Debbie Stabenow

MN - Norm Coleman

MO - Christopher S. Bond

MO - James M. Talent

MS - Thad Cochran

MS - Trent Lott

MT - Conrad Burns

NC - Richard Burr

NC - Elizabeth Dole

ND - Kent Conrad

NE - Chuck Hagel

NE - E. Benjamin Nelson

NH - Judd Gregg

NH - John E. Sununu

NM - Pete V. Domenici

NV - John Ensign

OH - Mike DeWine

OH - George V. Voinovich

OK - Tom Coburn

OK - James M. Inhofe

OR - Ron Wyden

PA - Rick Santorum

SC - Jim DeMint

SC - Lindsey Graham

SD - John Thune

TN - Lamar Alexander

TN - William H. Frist

TX - John Cornyn

TX - Kay Bailey Hutchison

UT - Robert F. Bennett

VA - George Allen

VA - John Warner

WV - Robert C. Byrd

WV - John D. Rockefeller, IV

WY - Michael B. Enzi

WY - Craig Thomas

HR 810 is the best chance for our country to vigorously pursue research that experts agree offers the potential for better treatments and cures for over 70 diseases and injuries. It offershope to millions of Americans who are suffering today, and millions more who are at risk in the future.


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